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Storage Tips

Preparing for storage

  • Have blankets, draperies and out-of-season clothing cleaned, then pack them right on the hanger in a wardrobe box.
  • Pack books flat, not standing on end (which may cause damage to the spines). Books are extremely heavy, so don't pack too many in one box.
  • Drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers and other items with small engines.
  • Old photographs tend to curl over time. To keep them flat, place them between two pieces of cardboard and tape them together.
  • Don't overpack boxes. Overfilled boxes will rupture and topple when stacked.
  • Clean and dry appliances. Keep refrigerator doors slightly ajar and use the space inside these items for additional storage.

Filling your storage space

  • A climate controlled storage room is ideal if you are storing heat-sensitive goods such as videotapes, albums, photographs and precious wood furniture.
  • If you're storing tables and other furniture, remove legs and disassemble to conserve storage space.
  • Use shelving to take full advantage of the storage space.
  • Store couches on end (except sofa beds).
  • When packing your storage room, create a center aisle for access to all items.
  • Store items you'll need most often at the front of the unit.
  • Wardrobe boxes let you move clothes directly from the closet without taking them off the hangers, saving you the cost and time of ironing and dry cleaning but there's room on the bottom of the box for shoes, throw pillows and linens.
  • Pack items you know you'll need (sheets, towels, toiletries, tissues and a change of clothes) in your clothes hamper on moving day and you'll know just where to find them at your new place!
  • Put plastic bags around the hoses of your washing machine and secure them with rubber bands to prevent leakage in transit.
  • Wrap lamp shades separately with clean, non-printed packing paper. Put two or three in a large box. They'll stay clean and won't get crushed.
  • Mark each box with its contents and destination room. That way, you and your helpers will know where each box belongs at your new home.
  • Load houseplants last and unload them first.
  • Load the heaviest items first, in front, and on the floor. Pack items firmly and closely.
  • For clothing or other items in drawers, leave them in the dresser drawers. Just make sure the contents aren't too heavy - too much weight can damage the drawers. Anything fragile should be wrapped in paper first.
  • When packing your smaller framed art or photos separately, choose a box that's larger when it's open on both ends than what you're packing. Open the bottom of the box, flatten it out and seal one of the open sides with tape. Slide the wrapped picture into the unsealed side, then seal it and label the package.
  • Larger pictures, framed art and mirrors should be packed individually in boxes. Use bubble pack around delicate wood frames. After you slide the item into the mirror box, stuff wadded up wrapping paper into any extra space around the item. Seal the box with tape and label it glass or fragile.

Packing a box

1. Group items of similar size and weight. Try not to mix belongings from different rooms of your home. First, pour a layer of packing peanuts into the bottom of the box. Wrap heaviest items first with bubble wrap or packing paper and place them in the bottom of the box.
2. Wrap additional, lighter items with bubble wrap or packing paper and separate them from items in the bottom of the box with cushion foam. Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
3. Before closing your box, cushion the entire package using packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper stuffed firmly into unfilled spaces to prevent shifting and damage to your goods. Your filled box should not weigh more than about 30 pounds, or that which you can lift easily. Underpacked boxes may collapse in transit, while overpacked boxes can rupture, damaging belongings.
4. Close the box and seal it with sturdy packing tape. Label the box with its contents and destination room.

Shorty Wardrobe® Box Bundle of 4

Includes 4 compact and stackable boxes ideal for shirts, blouses, sport coats and jackets. Directly from closet to box, clothing can stay on hangers. Meets UPS shipping requirements.

Box dimensions are:
24" x 20" x 34" (10.1 cu/ft)

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